Where to Buy

Hydrolatum is available at pharmacies. If you don’t see Hydrolatum on the shelf, ask your pharmacist for it. Few consumers know that often all they need to do to find an over-the-counter product is to ask their pharmacist. You can even print this page and give your pharmacist the codes below to help order Hydrolatum. Or, give your pharmacist these codes over the telephone. Hydrolatum should arrive at the pharmacy within 24 hours after your pharmacist places an order.
2-ounce tube – NDC 0295-1347-96

16-ounce jar – NDC 0295-1347-97
The more requests a pharmacy receives for a specific product, the more likely it is to stock that product on a regular basis. Don’t worry, you won’t pay anything extra when you request a special order! 
You can also purchase Hydrolatum online through www.hardtofindbrands.com . Click on their link to Health/Personal Care products and search for Hydrolatum.